Our Mission

Our EDI-B team is committed to creating a just and equitable society where every child, family, and community can thrive.

We advocate for policies and social supports that are antiracist, equitable, and family-centric, and we challenge discrimination in all forms.

We engage, collaborate, and execute solutions at both the community and corporate level and ensure our solutions are grounded in rigorous research while being transparent in our examination of our work and impact.

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We Celebrate Community

We believe as an agency we have a collective and individual responsibility to create an inclusive community where we can be our authentic selves; where our differences are celebrated, respected and valued; where we create and have equitable opportunities; and where our voices are supported and encouraged.

We are embarking on a powerful journey to create a more inclusive community that will improve your experience here at Brightpoint and will help shape and improve how we work in communities, how we listen and understand the voices of those we serve, and how we infuse those voices in our programming, resource allocation, and policy decisions.

As EDI Champions we are committed:

  • To disrupting the status quo, taking a stance for what is right, and not shying away from the difficult yet necessary conversations
  • To calling out inequities, racism and discrimination of any kind, and holding ourselves and each other accountable
  • To having the courage to make mistakes and still charge forward
  • To ensuring brave spaces to help increase our open awareness, understanding, recognition, and celebration of differences
  • To facilitate and integrate staff, client, and community voice to drive and embed equity, diversity and inclusion in our everyday practices
  • To utilize data to show impact, measure progress, and define success

Evolving for the Betterment of Every Family

Learn how our evolution as an organization has informed our mission and vision through the years and drives our aspiration to see every child, every family and every community thriving.

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Celebrating Diversity is Important to Us

Black History Month

This year, Black History Month focuses on the importance of Black Health and Wellness.

Black History Month 2022


Hispanic Heritage Month

We acknowledge and honor the many contributions of the Latinx culture in our community.

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Native American Heritage Month

November is the time to recognize and celebrate Native American Heritage.

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Women's History Month

This month is dedicated to the contributions of women in our society and at Brightpoint.

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June 19, 2022, marks our second year celebrating Juneteenth as an agency and its recognition as a federal holiday.

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