About Us

We started our journey as Children’s Home & Aid and have been serving Illinois since 1883. Children’s Home & Aid was founded on the belief that we had a responsibility to make brave choices to find homes for children. We evolved and now recognize that bravery comes from the daily choices our families make and serves as the spark that ignites the opportunities for children and youth to thrive. Brightpoint promises to be brave with our families and support their brave choices because we know strong families create thriving children.

We understand that navigating obstacles such as poverty, trauma, and systemic barriers to equity can make this journey challenging, and we offer support through the highs and lows. Our work seeks to dismantle system inequities and create a more even playing field for everyone.

At Brightpoint, we put families and children at the forefront of every decision we make. We know prevention works, and we are committed to working with families before small problems become life-altering crises. That’s why we take a data-driven approach to implement research-based solutions that have proven long-term positive outcomes and create brighter futures.

Our Mission

We advance the well-being of children by investing in families to disrupt the systemic and multi-generational cycle of racial, social and economic inequality. 

Our Vision

We envision an equitable world where all children and families thrive in strong communities. 

What We Do

Our focus is on the family, therefore our programs are designed to put their needs first so that they, and their communities, thrive.

Early Childhood Care & Education

Where We Serve

We are in the places where it’s proven to be the most effective: at home, in the classroom, and in the community.

You will find us across Illinois, serving nearly 30,000 children and families each year in 67 counties.

Our Team

Brightpoint staff and advisors are family-focused and motivated by a desire to put the needs of families first so that they, and their communities, thrive.

Our Leadership
Our Board of Trustees

Our Values (Our SCOPE)

Strong Families

Family, in all forms, is the most important asset for child well-being.


Thriving families are part of a larger system of social supports which must be just, equitable and accessible.


All children should thrive and opportunity should not be predicted by race or zip code. 


All families have strengths, and our role is to partner with them as coaches, mentors and advocates to build on those strengths


Equity is foundational to our work, and we seek to disrupt and transform inequitable institutional systems so that people of all races, abilities, communities and identities have equal access to the resources necessary to thrive.

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