Major Themes of the Strategic Plan


Continued but deliberate shift upstream with an emphasis on prevention


Recognition and commitment to family as the critical asset for child well-being


A more intentional focus on racial and social equity to disrupt the cycle of poverty and child maltreatment

Blueprint for Impact: Our Strategic Foundation

We will replace what we currently think of as child welfare services with what we know to be child, family and community well-being solutions.

We believe the most important asset for child and youth well-being is the family.

We believe racial and social equity is foundational.

We believe discrimination in all forms influences perceptions of families’ strengths and abilities which can lead to actions and interventions ultimately harmful to child and youth wellbeing.


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Major Outcomes of the Strategic Plan

More families receive services they feel they need
  • Connected to a coach, advocate or mentor
  • Supports built around family strengths and assets
  • Challenges do not become crises
Fewer children impacted by the child welfare system
  • Fewer kids enter foster care
  • More children cared for by supported relatives
  • More parents reunited with children
More children and families thriving
  • Stable employment at a family-supporting wage
  • Part of a strong social network
  • Setting and achieving their goal

Brightpoint: Mission, Vision & Values


We advance the well-being of children by investing in families to disrupt the systemic and multi-generational cycle of racial, social and economic inequality.


We envision an equitable world where all children and families thrive in strong communities.

Our Values (Our Scope)

Strong Families

Family, in all forms, is the most important asset for child well-being.


Thriving families are part of a larger system of social supports which must be just, equitable and accessible.


All children should thrive and opportunity should not be predicted by race or zip code.


All families have strengths, and our role is to partner with them as coaches, mentors and advocates to build on those strengths.


Equity is foundational to our work, and we seek to disrupt and transform inequitable institutional systems so that people of all races, abilities, communities and identities have equal access to the resources necessary to thrive.

How We Will Achieve Our Mission

Through a continuum of direct, family-centric services

By building partnerships through intentional connections

By exercising deliberate sector leadership

Strategic Priorities

Over the next five years, Brightpoint will focus on eight strategic priorities to transform the organization and our impact on child & family well-being.

Strategic Imperatives




Expand the impact of our workforce: grow diversity, capitalize on technology and increase collaboration.



Partner with complementary organizations to improve the social determinants of health.




Transform our services and sector leadership to more proactively enable family and child well-being.



Reimagine our strategic identity: align with our aspirations and differentiate our work and impact.



Decrease the financial risk from dependence on any single public funding source.




Incorporate a racial equity and social justice emphasis to all that we do.



Build governance capacity to be more diverse and generative.



Setting and achieving their goal

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