Father Involvement in Winnebago and Cook Counties Participant Informed Consent

You have been asked to participate in this research study because you are a father of a child under 18 that lives in this community. This document describes the study so you can understand what to expect from participating in this study and choose whether or not to participate. You will be given a copy of this information to keep with you.

Purpose and Procedure: This study is being conducted by Brightpoint (formerly Children’s Home and Aid). The purpose of the study is to understand fathers’ experiences in different communities (Cook and Winnebago Counties) so that local fatherhood coalitions can advocate for and promote community resources that support fathers. Participating in the study includes sharing your perspective in this focus group and filling out a brief demographic survey. If you decide to participate in the focus group, we will ask about the challenges and successes you experience being involved in your children’s lives and how your community impacts your involvement. The focus group will take about 2 hours. Participation is voluntary and you can change your mind and decide not to participate at any time.

The focus group will be recorded so that the conversation can be transcribed. Recording is required to participate. Recordings will be transcribed by a professional transcription service under a confidentiality agreement. You will not be asked to provide your name. If your name is mentioned during the focus group, it will be removed from the data before analysis. After the recording is transcribed, any identifying information will be removed from the transcript so that your name is not associated with the information you provided. If you do not wish to be recorded, you may end your participation at any time.

All recordings and survey data will be stored following Brightpoint’s data security protocols, including password-protected computers and secure network drives with third party system agreements to ensure that cloud-based systems are HIPPA compliant. All data will be deleted three years after the study (December 2026).

Risks and Benefits: There can be risks that come with being in a research study. One risk for this study is called a breach of confidentiality. While we will try to maintain confidentiality of the data, due to the nature of focus groups we cannot guarantee confidentiality because other participants in your focus group will hear the information you share. We ask that all participants respect the privacy of the other participants here and not repeat what is said in the focus group after the group.

We will do everything we can to protect your information and keep it anonymous. However, there are some limits to confidentiality including if you indicate that you are at risk for harming yourself or others, if we learn that someone else (like a child or an elder) is being abused or maltreated. In these situations, we may need to contact law enforcement and/or Child Protective Services to keep you or someone else safe. There is a risk that talking about some topics in the focus group could be emotionally triggering for you. You are encouraged to speak to Brightpoint program staff if you would like help processing your feelings.

This study may not offer any benefit to you now but may benefit others in the future. Future benefits may include helping Brightpoint in how they support father involvement.

Voluntary: You can decide not to be in this study. Even if you decide to join the study now, you are free to leave at any time and for any reason, if you change your mind. Your decision to participate or not will have no effect on any services you are currently receiving.

What you will receive for being in the study: We will give you a $50 gift card for participating in the focus group.

Persons to Contact: If you have any questions about the research project, contact Principal Investigator Dr. Amanda Rose Brown at ambrown@brightpoint.org or 312.424.6815

If you have any questions about your rights as a participant in this research study, you may contact the Nicole Johns, Vice President of Quality and Training and representative for the Brightpoint Institutional Review Board at njohns@brightpoint.org or 618.978.7748.

For further information on Fatherhood Programs: You may contact Earl Kloppmann, Program Manager, Advancing Fathers and Fatherhood Coalitions, at 312.424.0200 ext. 5223 or ekloppma@brightpoint.org

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