Extended Family Support

Our statewide program assists caregivers who are supporting their relative’s children without formal Department of Children and Family Service involvement. The program is designed to prevent entrance into foster care and provide support with the guardianship process.

Services include: 

  • Help obtain guardianship. 
  • Help obtain the Child Only Grant and other entitlements and benefits. 
  • Help enrolling the children in school. 
  • Referrals for other services. 
  • Cash assistance to obtain guardianship and to meet the child’s basic needs. 

We provide services in the following counties:
Bond, Clinton, Madison, Marion, Monroe, Randolph, St. Clair, Washington, and Cook

Child Welfare Service Referral

We meet families where they are by empowering families to find solutions to their own individual needs as well as providing a pathway for families to avoid interactions with the child welfare system.

The program reimagines the work these employees are doing with families and provides meaningful support at the earliest identified sign of need. This voluntary program is designed to offer services to families, reported to the Department of Children and Family Services, where the risk to the child is deemed low enough for short term involvement (averaging 30 days), but where some services are needed to ensure families can effectively utilize their own strengths and community resources to ensure the safety of their children and prevent future department involvement.


We provide services to families in:
Northern Cook County from Hyde Park to Palatine

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