Fathers are Essential to Children’s Well-Being

Our Thriving Fathers & Families (TFF) program helps to strengthen fathers’ relationships with their children, families, and communities. The program launched on May 1, 2021, and provides increased opportunities for fathers throughout the state to connect, learn and grow alongside each other.TFF is federally funded through the five-year Fatherhood FIRE initiative which originally served low-income men of color in Chicago’s Greater Englewood and North Lawndale communities and is now informing how we engage with fathers through TFF in Chicagoland as well as northern, central, and southern Illinois.

Thriving Fathers & Families uses a cohort and individual support model where Navigators facilitate group cohort sessions and provide one-on-one support to fathers, develop their identities as men, parents, and co-parents, while addressing their specific life needs and goals. Fathers participate in a 6-month cohort and receive individual support for a full year.

Power of Fathers Final Report

Positive Outcomes

Research shows that non-residential fathers can play a role in ameliorating the circumstances that lead to child neglect and abuse. Their involvement in their children’s lives is associated with positive outcomes such as children leaving foster care sooner, and children being significantly less likely to re-enter foster care compared to children whose fathers are not involved.

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Quality Time

Participating dads spent more time with their children

Parenting Skills

Participating dads improved their parenting and co-parenting skills

Family Interaction

Participating dads improved their overall relationships with their children and co-parents

Who We Serve

Brightpoint’s work with fathers to address their histories of trauma that have prevented them from actively participating in their children’s lives began almost five years ago with the collaborative Power of Fathers initiative.

The initiative sparked the agency’s commitment to incorporate father engagement as an integral part of our family strengthening efforts. Brightpoint now has the opportunity to reach fathers in 12 counties in Northern and Central Illinois and to guide other organizations on partnering with fathers to improve outcomes for them and their children.

What We Provide

Comprised of a six-month virtual curriculum, dads enrolled in TFF will have access to a variety of free activities and information, including:


  • Job preparation and placement
  • Child support and custody
  • Referrals to legal assistance
  • Family building activities 
  • Referrals and educational supports
  • Personal growth Parenting and co-parenting classes
  • Economic incentives for participation

Where We Serve

Counties Served:

McLean, Winnebago, Dewitt, Champaign, Vermillion, Tazewell, Woodford, Piatt, Ford, Logan, Stephenson, Boone

Father and son are having fun on a farm. They are observing sheep.
This group kept me from being out on the streets, doing God knows what, you know? The mentorship, the counseling here, you can’t really put a price on that. Dad

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