Women’s History Month

Este mes está dedicado a las contribuciones de las mujeres en nuestra sociedad y en Brightpoint.. We honor the women who provide leadership and extraordinary commitment to the improvement of American and global communities.

We approach this month with the recognition that, despite the many advances that were born of efforts from women of color, immigrants and those who struggled with poverty, history has not always fairly captured those significant contributions as our nation – and others around the world – pushed for change, equality and social justice.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day – recognized on March 8th – es #ChoosetoChallenge, an initiative to collectively call out gender bias and inequality. We think that’s a good call and aligns with our values to empower ourselves as an agency and the families with whom we partner to create a system that listens to and responds to all.

Resources to further your learning and engagement:


Why the 19th Amendment Did Not Guarantee All Women the Right to Vote
In this History.com article, learn how after the 19th Amendment was passed many women of color, immigrant women, and poorer women continued to face barriers at the voting polls.

Why Is Women’s History Month in March:
In this article and short video from OprahMag.com, learn how the effort to honor women’s history and accomplishments first started out as one day, grew to a weeklong celebration, and now encompasses an entire month of learning!

Remember The Ladies: The Importance of Women’s History
In this TEDxColumbusWomen Talk, Dr. Emily Krichbaum, an expert in American women’s history and politics, asks what would happen if we included more and more diverse stories of American women in American history–and young girls begin to see themselves in the curriculum they study.

History of International Women’s Day

The Radical Reason Why March 8 Is International Women’s Day

Why Is Women’s History Month in March? A quick lesson.

March is Women’s History Month and Social Work Month; We Celebrate These 5 Female Trailblazers in Social Work

Women’s History Minute: “Ida B. Wells”

Past, Present, and Future Trailblazers


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