Job training, mentorship and prevention services support equitable communities

Youth services play a critical role in providing young people with job training, tutoría, and violence prevention services. These programs empower youth to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s world, while also promoting positive relationships and a sense of community. By investing in youth services, we can help build stronger, more resilient communities and proporcionar more equitativo y accesible options for our youth.

Entrenamiento & tutoría

Prevención Comunitaria & Intervención (IPC)

Prevent and reduce violent crime in communities by supporting violence prevention and intervention programs.

Programa de Inversión Juvenil de Illinois (BEBER)

mimpower and support young people along their path toward successful, long-term and career employment.

Desarrollo de la fuerza laboral

Proporcionar employment and trabajo capacitación a youth and young adults who residir en Chicago.

Servicios de Consejería Juvenil & Referencias

Servicios para Jóvenes

Counseling services for youth (siglos 11 – 17) y familias que están pasando por conflictos y quieren fortalecer sus relaciones.


Servicios para Jóvenes en Transición

Holistic model designed to increase the safety of youth at risk of becoming homeless.

Programas de prevención de la violencia juvenil

Navigation modeyo that uses a strength based, family centered approach to reduce community violence.

Programas de justicia juvenil

Wraparound services for youth and families to deter further involvement in the juvenile justice system.


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