Addressing the Needs of Families While Building Community Ties

Two-generation family coaching will address the needs of children, padres, and families, while helping them build networks and communal ties in their new communities, incluido, where possible, engaging with existing community organizations.

A Coach will work with each family to complete assessments for understanding the family’s unique needs; engage it in collaborative problem-solving; and work with participants to determinar short-term and long-term goals and manageable action steps to achieve those goals. Coaching will address the individual and relational needs of children and parents within the voucher household. Coaches will offer to work with each adult and teenaged family member to participar in a comprehensive assessment of strengths and needs.

A quién servimos

2 Gen collaborates with the Chicago Housing Authority and the Housing Authority of Cook County to proporcionar services for families Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) who have at least one child under the age of 18.

Choosing to participate will have no impact on a family’s voucher, and families will continue to receive all services that are normally available to them on the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Lo que proporcionamos

The 2Gen Program provides a family support coach who will work with you on goals for you and your family:


  • Employment, Educación, & Career
  • Educación
  • Salud & Well-being (Including Mental Health)
  • Child Well-being & Parenting
  • Legal (Fines, Fees, Court, Child Support, Etc.)
  • Financial Coaching
  • Familia, Friends, & Relationships
  • Reproductive Health
  • Basic Needs (Food, Housing, Transportation, & Safety)

Donde servimos

Condados atendidos:


Oficina de Marshfield

5958 Avenida sur de Marshfield

chicago, ILLINOIS, 60636

Family Support Coaches

Our 2GEN team has trained with New Moms to proporcionar adequate skills for Family Support Coaches to proporcionar coaching tools and necessary training to our supervision to train others on Family Coaching.

New Mom’s “comprehensive approach provides housing, paid job training, academic coaching, and family support for those impacted by systemic and structural barriers.”

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