En Agosto 17, the Southern Region of Children’s Home + Aid hosted a workshop provided by National Human Services Assembly. During the workshop, Bridget GavaghanNational Human Services Assembly Consultantengaged key leaders across the Metro East human services sector in a four hour conversation on reframing how we talk about human services. The workshop focused on the public’s current view of the human services sector, sparking a new dialogue, and applying the new frame to individual agencies.

Hogar para niños + Aid is a proud member of Illinois Partners for Human Service, a statewide organization that lifts up the needs of human services providers in Illinois. The workshop was put on as part of Illinois Partners for Human Service’s commitment to the National Reframing Initiative. The Assembly’s National Reframing Initiative seeks to build broader and deeper public support for human services so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Initiative, developed by the FrameWorks Instituteis an evidence-based strategy for building public understanding of the human services sector and the will to support the important work that agencies like those represented at the workshop are doing in the diverse communities we serve.

A broad range of human services agencies were present at the workshop including, Behavioral Health Alternative, Caritas, Hogar para niños + Ayuda, Hoyleton Family Services, Human Support Services, Illinois Center for Autism, IMPACT CIL, Leslie Bates Davis Neighborhood House, LINC, inc., Madison County Child Advocacy Center, Riverbend Families, Senior Services Plus and St. John’s Community Care.

For more information on the National Reframing Initiative, por favor visita http://www.nationalassembly.org.