Throughout 2018, we are celebrating 135 years of meeting every child, every family, where their need is greatest. Doing whatever it takes so children and families can thrive. We are proud of our legacy of meeting the changing needs of vulnerable families throughout Illinois and inspired by the children and families we serve and their stories of resilience.

From our 1969 Annual Report, here’s the story 9-year-old “Jumping Jack:”

“Nine-year-old Jack, child of an emotionally disturbed mother and an alcoholic father, has earned the nickname of ‘Jumping Jack’ at Evanston Children’s Home, where is receiving special care and treatment for the emotional disturbances caused by early neglect and deprivation. Jack is full of nervous energy, tends to rush into things head-on, and is prone to violent outbursts of anger. In the protective atmosphere and ungraded school system at the Home, Jumping Jack is learning to settle down and control his feelings. His teachers and therapists are hopeful that Jack may still enjoy the childhood that was so disrupted and unhappy until recently.”

The Evanston Children’s Home, opened on January 1, 1908, was constructed for $50,000 at the corner of Ridge Avenue and Washington Street in Evanston, the current site of the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Child + Family Center. The Home was made possible in large part by Dr. Dwight J. Harris, a board member for nearly 40 years, who believed there was a need for a receiving home to care for children before they were placed in foster care or adopted.

Children’s Home & Aid’s story began with the vision of one man who believed that every child deserved a loving home. Your part is unfolding today.  What is your story?

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