Partners taking control of their relationships.

Our groups begin with grounding exercises and check-ins on how the week went for our participants. Each week has a theme, though themes can change based on our participant’s feedback. Our participants give examples and participate in a live log, watch vignettes, role play, and work through scenarios and real-life examples to better understand themselves and their beliefs. Two trained staff co-facilitate the group, which is set up in a u-shape. At the end of each group clients give their feedback or takeaways for that day.

We are involved in the Domestic Violence Coordinated Courts (DVCC), allowing us to collaborate with local law enforcement, court personnel, probation, and others.

Who We Serve

Intimate partners may include a spouse, ex-spouse, intimate partner, and/or ex intimate partner.

Intimate partner relationships can start with a single interaction and aggressors may have one of more intimate partners.  

Additionally, facilitators offer Turning Points groups which serve primarily women who have used violence in a relationship but are not considered to be the primary aggressor.

What We Provide

These services are provided to try to stop abuse, by helping participants:


  • See that it is NOT ok to abuse their partners, 
  • Learn to take blame and credit for their actions, 
  • Learn nonviolent and non-controlling ways of communicating, 
  • Realize that partner abuse is not an anger management problem, and 
  • Find out if there are other services that the abuser needs (examples: Mental Health, Substance Abuse) 

Where We Serve

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