Adoption Support & Preservation

We provide trauma-informed in-home and telehealth therapeutic services to families with children (age 3 – 18) who have been adopted or for whom guardianship has been awarded through DCFS. Our team works with families in 37 southern Illinois and 10 northern Illinois counties to coordinate services with other relevant providers, both within the agency and externally, and develop appropriate referral plans. Therapeutic services include family and individual therapy, group therapy and activities, caregiver psychoeducation/coaching, case management and advocacyRespite includes mentorship and social skills building activities in the community.

For additional resources for adoptive families, check out:  
Path Beyond Adoption

Services are provided in most counties in the Southern and Northern Regions of Illinois.

Safe and Thriving Families

Safe and Thriving Families is a violence prevention program for families with children (ages 6–12) who have experienced trauma within their community. We provide therapeutic services and referrals to other community providers for families living in Cahokia Heights, Belleville, and East St. Louis.  

Preventative, community-based services for children ages 6-12 and their families to mitigate the impact of early trauma experiences.  Services include eligibility screening, assessment and treatment planning, individual and family therapy, psychoeducation on the impact of trauma, case management and referral/linkage. 

Services are provided in:
St. Clair (Cahokia Heights, Belleville, East St. Louis)

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