With the words of our founder of the Woman’s Board of Children’s Home & Aid, Pauline K. Palmer exclaimed, “All the big things that go on are based on such small things, or so easily accomplished that they look complicated to those outside. Even the greatest inventions are simple after you learn how they have been made.  And one wonders why they weren’t thought of before!”. Over the past 100 years, the Woman’s Board has used this guiding idea to support Children’s Home & Aid to move the needle in early childhood and education throughout the Chicago metropolitan area

As the Woman’s Board of Children’s Home & Aid is celebrating 100 years of reaching out to vulnerable children and families across Illinois, doing whatever it takes to help children and families thrive, we want to honor the women who have led the charge to share Children’s Home & Aid’s mission.

Through their 100 years, this group of women have led the Woman’s Board to raise millions of dollars for early childhood education, supported the opening of 3 childcare centers (Mitzi Freidheim Englewood Child & Family Center, the Marletta Darnall Schaumburg Child & Family Center and the Jerri Hoffmann Child & Family Center in Carpentersville) and provide turkeys for families at the centers during the holidays.

We are so grateful for their commitment and determination to make sure every child, every family thrives. On behalf of Children’s Home & Aid, we thank these generous women who have led campaigns and initiatives for the children and families in Illinois to help give them wings to fly.

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Woman’s Board Presidents

1920-23                             Mrs. Potter Palmer

1924                                  Mrs. Gilbert W. Chapman

1925-29                             Mrs. Chauncey McCormick

1930-31                             Mrs. John Alden Carpenter, Mrs. Chauncey McCormick

1932-36                             Mrs. John Alden Carpenter

1937                                  Mrs. Barrett Wendell

1938                                  Mrs. John Alden Carpenter

1939                                  Mrs. Edward H. Brewer

1940                                  Mrs. Robert S. Pirie

1941-1944                        Mrs. Jacob Baur

1945                                  Mrs. Jacob Baur, Mrs. Chauncey McCormick, Mrs. Thomas J. Fleming

1946                                  Mrs. Jacob Baur

1947-51                             Mrs. Walter B. Wolf

1952                                  Mrs. W. Lloyd Warner

1953-56                             Mrs. Fred A. Poor

1956                                  Mrs. Samuel J. Campbell

1957                                  Mrs. John C. Ratcliffe

1958-60                             Mrs. George F. Nixon

1961-62                             Mrs. Walter D. Monroe

1963-64                             Mrs. Aldis J. Browne, Jr.

1965-66                            Mrs. James R. Addington

1967-68                             Mrs. Robert E. Johnson

1969-70                            Mrs. Francis J. Klimley

1971-72                             Mrs. William G. Stratton

1973-74                             Mrs. Philip W.K. Sweet, Jr.

1975                                   Mrs. Henry E. Bowes

1976                                  Mrs. Wayne Maxwell

1977                                  Mrs. Francis J. Klimley

1978                                  Mrs. Howard C. Miller, Jr.

1979                                  Mrs. W. David Braddock

1980-81                             Mrs. Elizabeth K. Cluxton

1982-83                             Mrs. Charles A. Pollock

1984-85                             Mrs. Allin W. Proudfoot

1986-87                             Mrs. Roger O. Brown

1988-89                             Mrs. Cyrus F. Freidheim, Jr.

1990-91                             Mrs. George H. Galloway

1992-93                             Mrs. John F. Cuneo, Jr.

1994-95                             Mrs. Michael P. Emmert

1996-97                             Mrs. Clayton E. Whiting, Jr.

1998                                   Ms. Pamela B. Strobel

1999-2000                        Mrs. Thomas J. Lee

2001-2002                        Ms. Susan K. Darby

2003-2004                        Mrs. John A. Wing

2005-2006                        Ms. Alice White Zarov

2007-2008                        Mrs. David C. Seidman

2009-2010                        Ms. Gayle B. Spruance

2011-2012                        Mrs. Gary D. Ahlquist

2012- 2013                       Ms. Michelle McCarthy

2013-2015                        Mrs. David H. Hoffmann, Ms. Alice White Zarov

2015-2017                        Mrs. Jennifer Shriner Hay

2017-2019                        Mrs. David F. Myers, Jr.

2019-2021                        Ms. Mary Ellen Cagney