While in search of an internship for her graduate school field placement, Alexandra sparked an interest in the Human Resources and the Performance internship at Children’s Home & Aid. She was pursuing a master’s degree in social work with a concentration in Leadership and Social Change from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She was quickly drawn to the mission and vision of Children’s Home & Aid. She wasn’t too sure what to expect from an administrative internship at a social service agency, but she was eager to start learning the ins and outs of nonprofits.

Alexandra wore a lot of different hats throughout this internship. One that led her to explore the many departments and teams that make Children’s Home & Aid who they are and how committed each individual is to uphold the agencies values and commitment to the children and families of Illinois. This internship allowed her to gain knowledge of the many functions the Human Resources and Performance team consisted of. She was learning about human resource policies, funding and program requirements, talent and retention, analyzing data, and interpreting data. The area she immediately found a passion for was Human Resources. It intrigued her because it combined both engagement with individuals and data, both of which she loved.

Aside from all the learning opportunities this internship gave her, she was the most grateful to have met her supervisor, Susan Purdie, who was the former Director of Human Resources. “Susan empowered and challenged me to get out my comfort zone. She trusted me so much with projects and assignments that it made me stop questioning my work. She is the reason why I am still here…three years later.” Susan’s leadership secured Alexandra’s decision of choosing Children’s Home & Aid because of the many things she accomplished throughout her internship. She felt that though her work was more behind the scenes, it was work that still mattered because of how mission driven and passionate she was.