Keith was an intern in the EPIC program while pursuing his Master of Social Work degree. His internship experience allowed him to see firsthand all of the skills and knowledge that go into being a therapist. While interning in the EPIC program, he was truly able to develop the foundational skills that he still uses today. After completing his first internship with Children’s Home & Aid, he did not want to leave the agency and decided to intern with the VOCA & SAFE program as a therapist.

What drew him to interning and seeking employment with the agency was the wealth of opportunities to work with diverse populations. He was also drawn to the trainings that the agency offers and having the opportunity to participate in trainings for different types of treatment models. Keith used the skills he learned from the trainings to further develop his therapeutic skills. Most importantly, Keith said the supervisors and staff that he worked with and continue to work with were a major factor to stay with the agency. The staff he worked with “supported and challenged me to become the therapist that I am today.”