Children’s Home & Aid works every day to help children and families to thrive. Our deep commitment to their success is fueled by an equally strong commitment to delivering services in a sustainable way. We tackle challenges and do our best to meet the needs in light of the community dynamic, resources, etc. However, there are times when we face hard decisions that call for downsizing or in some situations, program exits. This is just such a time.

Effective immediately, we have started the process of phasing out foster care and intact family services in the Central Region.

The current child welfare environment in the Central Region has posed increasingly difficult challenges and it is clear that our foster care and intact family services are not sustainable for us in Bloomington, Champaign and the surrounding communities.

This difficult decision will impact 19 staff members. We have asked Central region child welfare staff to stay with us to help ensure the smoothest possible transitioning of 170 foster care cases and 11 intact families to other community-based providers. We anticipate completing this process by the end of May.

Our commitment to protecting children and strengthening families is unwavering. Our Central Region serves 3000 children and families every year with prevention, family support and family strengthening services.

Creating brighter futures for children who have already suffered abuse, neglect, and trauma is some of our most difficult, and rewarding work. It remains core to Children’s Home & Aid’s mission.

Thank you to our staff, volunteers and donors for your dedication to our mission and to helping children and families thrive in the communities we serve.


Nancy B. Ronquillo

President & CEO