Elizabeth and Tatiana Reyes recently spoke at our 2018 Champions for Children Luncheon and shared their family’s journey to adoption. Here is their story:

My wife Tatiana and I have been part of the Children’s Home & Aid family for nearly four years. I say family because that’s how Children’s Home & Aid makes you feel. As a same sex couple, it’s hard to feel comfortable when we deal with so many challenges in our lives. Knowing that Children’s Home & Aid is HRC Certified made it easier for us to be able to open our doors to children in need.

After having our first foster son for nearly 3 years, we decided to stay with Children’s Home & Aid and foster to adopt. Our son came to us from an abusive situation and it was evident in his behavior. He was one year old and didn’t make a sound. He didn’t smile and seemed scared to show emotions. After about a week in our home—I will never forget—we got a smile and a laugh out of him. It nearly brought us to tears of joy.

Our case worker, Jameka, was extremely helpful because she knew him better than we did. She told us his likes and we went from there. It was challenging at times, still is (he’s 2), but she has been there for us the whole time, offering full support. Without Jameka, we wouldn’t be where we’re at with our son or the adoption process.

We’re hopeful that in the next six months, our son will a Reyes even though in our hearts, he’s already ours. Tatiana and I couldn’t be happier and want to thank Children’s Home & Aid for making our family possible.