In the summer of 2017, we introduced you to Terry Herr, a passionate supporter planning to travel to Mount Everest to raise funds for Children’s Home & Aid. This May, Terry will leave for Nepal to begin a 25-day journey that includes the Everest Base Camp and two summit attempts — Kala Patthar and Island Peak. He‘s using the trek as a way to raise $29,029 (representing the height of Mount Everest) in support of Children’s Home & Aid’s work with children and youth in foster care.

For months, Terry’s been busy raising funds and preparing for his big trip. He’s getting closer to reaching the half-way point of his fundraising goal, and his training is kicking into high gear.

On February 15, Terry joined forces with the staff and students of Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School in Chicago for a ceremonial climb and fundraiser for children in foster care. Organized by World Language Spanish Teacher, Lisa Pawelski Rollheiser, a team of Mighty Mac “climbers” made their way up several flights of stairs to represent Terry’s upcoming climb. The event, along with a student council Valentine’s Day fundraiser, brought in $500 to go towards Terry’s #ClimbForFosterKids.

Terry also had a chance to talk to students and help them understand some of the issues foster kids face. “Imagine a life of frequent moves and the sum of your belongings fitting into a trash bag. That’s the reality for the more than 16,000 kids living in foster care in Illinois,” Terry explained to the kids. ”But together, we can make the trauma of moving from home to home easier, and give these children some dignity and self-worth.”

For inspiration on his climb, Terry plans to carry a banner with the first names of all the children in the Children’s Home & Aid foster care program. The students at Mother McAuley even added their names to show their support as well.

Terry adds, “I may or may not reach the summit. I may or may not reach my fundraising goal. But I’m certain I’ll help change the life of at least one person for the better.”

To support Terry on his climb or follow his progress, visit or donate here.