Illinois is in its final days of the special session and fiscal year.  The state is currently poised to enter our third year without a full budget, increasing the damage to our communities, schools, human service and healthcare sectors. Lawmakers are in a special session through June 30th. There is no guarantee that the Governor and the General Assembly will agree on a full-year budget.

On Tuesday, June 27, join our partners at the Responsible Budget Coalition and call 1-855-334-6885 to be connected with your legislator to demand a full budget with new, permanent revenue using the script below.

By calling 1-855-334-6885, you will be connected with your legislator’s office. All you have to do is enter your zip code.  Please enter your home zip code. If you don’t live in Illinois, enter the zip code of the site where you work.

Here’s the simple message to share with your legislators:

“I am calling on you to negotiate and pass a full-year budget with the revenue needed to support human services. A stop gap is not enough. We need a real budget with revenue.”